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This is a "directory" of sorts chronicling Hacker Spaces around the world. This entry is inspired primarily by the [1] list of "soulmates" and where HacDC will keep track of developments in the Global Hackerspace Movement.

It's creation was inspired by schill's comment on Make:Blog post

Perhaps User:Georgyo will find a way to directorify this information more appropriately

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United States


Europe[bearbeiten] Austria, Linz (under construction) Metalab, Vienna Open4Free, Vorarlberg (under construction) Realraum, Graz Spektral, Graz [bearbeiten] Catalonia, Barcelona [bearbeiten] Croatia mama, Zagreb monteparadiso hacklab, Pula [bearbeiten] France Le Lab, Paris (under construction) /tmp/lab, Vitry s/ Seine, first physical materialisation of Le Lab project. Duplicate/Mutate/Multiply! [bearbeiten] Germany c-base, Berlin CCCB, Berlin das LABOR, Bochum Entropia, Karlsruhe filmArche, Berlin Netzladen, Bonn Port20, Hamburg (under construction) [bearbeiten] Hungary Kitchen, Budapest Nextlab [bearbeiten] Switzerland Dock18, Zurich [bearbeiten] Great Britain The Forest, Edinburgh [bearbeiten] Slovenia Kiberpipa, Ljubljana [bearbeiten] The Netherlands ASCII, Amsterdam PUSCII, Utrecht