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Due to an increasing membership and limited space, HacDC has decided to start looking into new space. The monthly surplus is adding up and will eventually result in enough savings to make moving possible. Also, 501c3 status will help in the negotiation of a lower rent, and that is coming up sooner or later.

Below, please add your comments on requirements for the new space, space viewings, or space listings that seem interesting and should be viewed.

NOTE: For properties, please add google map link, address, rent info, photos, and contact info if available.

Requirements for new space

  • Budget: $1000 - $1500
  • Size: 1500+ sq ft
  • Layout: Warehouse or light industrial space. Need a conference/meeting room (400+ sq ft), workshop area, bathroom and possibly a kitchen (see below). Access to a big open space for large events is a plus.
  • Light/Windows: Some natural light a plus.
  • Power: Several circuits so we can use machine shop tools.
  • Internet services available: Better than DSL hopefully! FIOS or 10+MB internet ideal.
  • Accessibility (wheelchair, etc)
  • Location (mass transit, etc): Several people have suggested locating near New York Ave metro station on IRC.
  • Water/Bathroom: There are mixed feelings on having a kitchen due to dirty dishes management.
  • Sound proofing/noise: Should be able to operate heavy machinery some of the time.
  • Lease terms: Month to Month or 1-2 years
  • 24/7 access
  • Roof access (antenna) would be a plus
  • No more than 3-4 blocks from metro stop and parking would be ideal.

Spaces That Were Viewed

Spaces Worth Viewing

Obscurite contacted the folks that put up this craigslist ad for 1500 sq ft on the second floor: [1] (craigslist post has expired)

  • Not sure second floor with stairs is feasible... they said they'd negotiate on rent, so perhaps $2000 is within range. they also said it's actually 1700 sq ft. Waiting for a reply back.

Obscurite gave our desired space specs to this realtor who does commercial and industrial space: [2] (craigslist post has expired)

Obscurite emailed about this space: [3] and [4] (craigslist post has expired)

Obscurite looking into an industrial building/park @ 52 O St NW. Nootrope has a friend there who runs an art space. Obscurite has emailed the friend and is waiting to get landlord info to set up a meeting and will email members to form a posse when that happens. Google street view: [5]