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### it is clear what is being voted on, and
### it is clear what is being voted on, and
### the general subject of the Rule is not changed.
### the general subject of the Rule is not changed.
== Quorum ==
Quorum has been defined in the original bylaws as 50%, later amended to 25% of the membership.  However, a vote was passed to define quorum in the standing rules as 10 people in August 2014.[] This may have made Quorum larger or smaller than 25% at the time, but as of March 2016 it defines quorum above 25%. It is not clear how or why standing rules are supposed to supersede bylaws.

= Article II: Membership =
= Article II: Membership =
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#Members must be voted in at a monthly meeting
#Members must be voted in at a monthly meeting
#Members pay USD $50/mo dues using a method deemed acceptable by the Treasurer.
#Members pay USD $60/mo dues using a method deemed acceptable by the Treasurer.
*Voting on HacDC’s priorities and direction
*Voting on HacDC’s priorities and direction

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Article I: Voting

Article one approved unanimously as recorded in the minutes of 2013 Annual Meeting.[1]

Section 1: Board Approval

Unless otherwise specified, “Board Approval” means a “yes” vote by 4/4 (four out of four), 4/5, 5/5, 5/6, or 6/6 voting board members.

  1. Board members may vote at a duly held board meeting, or
  2. Board members may vote by email
    1. Board members have 48 hours from the email vote request to respond

Section 2: Member Approval

Unless otherwise specified, “Member Approval” means a “yes” vote by a majority of a quorum of members at a duly called meeting.

Section 3: Virtual Attendance and Voting

Members who participate in meetings using two-way audio and/or video conferencing systems such as Skype or Google+ Hangouts shall be considered to be attending the meetings for the purposes of quorum counts and voting.

  1. Remote members should be announced to those attending the meeting in person
  2. Identity of remote members must be endorsed by Secretary or three members present
  3. If any member questions the identity of a remote participant, a vote shall be taken among the other members present (physically or virtually) on whether to accept the remote person as being the claimed member.

Section 4: Proxy Voting

For now, proxy votes are not allowed, only members in physical or virtual attendance may vote.

Section 5: Amending Standing Rules

The Standing Rules of the corporation can be amended by vote of 2/3rds of a quorum of members at either:

  1. The annual meeting, or
  2. A monthly meeting, if notice of the vote and the text of the proposed changes are sent out to the members seven days in advance. This allows time for discussion and for members to make arrangements to attend the meeting.
    1. Minor changes to proposed Rules may be made to reflect discussion at the meeting as long as:
      1. it is clear what is being voted on, and
      2. the general subject of the Rule is not changed.

Article II: Membership

Article II, as written here: , was approved during the Regular Member Meeting 2013 06 11.

Section 1: Membership Types, requirements, privileges

Type 1) Full members (PV=Paying,Voting member)


  1. Members must be voted in at a monthly meeting
  2. Members pay USD $60/mo dues using a method deemed acceptable by the Treasurer.


  • Voting on HacDC’s priorities and direction
  • Key and code for the space, enabling 24-hour access
  • Google email and docs account
  • Membership in HacDC:Members mailing list
  • Opportunity for storage locker in space (as available)

Type 2) Reduced-fee Student/Starving Hacker members (P-V=Paying Less,Voting member)


  1. Meet any of these criteria for reduced fees:
    1. Be a full-time student
    2. Show Financial hardship
  2. Email BoD and request reduced-fee status
  3. Become member as with Full Member
  4. If approved, pay $20/mo dues

Privileges - same as full members

Type 3) Fee-waived members (P*V=Not paying,Voting member)


  1. Must have been voted in as member at a monthly meeting
  2. Should be making an extraordinary contribution to HacDC
  3. Must be approved by either:
    1. BoD vote (Must request fee-waiver from BoD - confidential)
    2. Member vote
  4. The period of fee-waived status shall be specified at the time of the vote
    1. At the end of the specified period the member shall revert to their previous status unless their fee-waived status is renewed by another vote
    2. The maximum period per approval vote is one year

Privileges - same as full members

Type 4) Honorary members (P*V*=Not paying, not voting member)


  1. Must have been voted in to regular membership at monthly meeting
  2. Must have made extraordinary contribution to HacDC


  • Google email and docs account
  • Membership in HacDC:Members mailing list


  1. Voted in by a quorum of members
  2. Status must be renewed yearly

Type 5) Friends of HacDC (PV*=Paying, not voting Friend)


  1. Sign up for a “Friend of HacDC” subscription payment of $13.37/mo or more


  • Google email and docs account
  • Membership in the HacDC:Members mailing list


  1. Sign up for monthly payment using instructions on HacDC website

Section 2: Membership induction procedure options

  1. Potential member comes to monthly Member meeting and gets voted in by unanimous consent of all members present (quorum not required).
  2. Potential member can’t come to meeting but sends prepared statement (written, video, etc) which is given at monthly Member meeting.
    • Must be nominated by a member and two other members present at the meeting must vouch for potential member.
    • New member gets voted in by unanimous consent of all members present (quorum not required).
  3. If unanimous vote of members present is not attained, a new member may be approved by a vote of 2/3rds of a quorum of members.

Section 3: Restoring Membership

Lapsed Membership

  1. Membership in HacDC is considered lapsed if the monthly membership dues is not paid by the end of the month.
  2. Lapsed memberships may be restored to memberships in good standing by paying missed dues up through the current month, or by approval of the Board.
  3. According to Bylaws, membership is revoked after three months of non-payment of dues.

Cancelled Membership

  1. If Membership was cancelled by Member, it may be restored without member vote by restarting the Membership dues subscription payments.
  2. If Membership was cancelled due to non-payment of dues, membership must be reinstated by a membership vote according to the process for new members.
  3. The membership should be informed of the reason for cancellation of the original membership.

Cancelling Membership

  1. Members wishing to cancel their HacDC membership should discontinue their dues payments and inform a HacDC board member of their intention.
  2. Members are responsible for cancelling their dues payment subscriptions in a timely manner - no refunds can be issued for dues paid in error.
  3. Member should return keys and any HacDC property in their possession as soon as possible
  4. Keys can be returned in person to a HacDC officer or mailed to the HacDC Secretary at the HacDC mailing address.

Article III: Expenditures and Reimbursements

Article III, as written here: , was approved June 2013. [2]

Section 1: Process


Preferred way to purchase is by raising earmarked donations from interested members

  1. Funds are donated to HacDC, earmarking them for specific purchase (by attaching note or emailing the Treasurer)
  2. HacDC Treasurer buys purchase using HacDC account
  3. This makes donations tax deductible, reduces paperwork, and makes group ownership of item clear
  4. HacDC may contribute some percentage of matching funds as finances permit


With pre-approval by Board or membership vote, HacDC members may purchase items with personal funds and get reimbursed by HacDC.

  1. Receipts must be saved and submitted to Treasurer in order to obtain reimbursement.
  2. Treasurer will issue check or electronic transfer

Post-purchase Approval

If approval is not obtained in advance, reimbursement must be approved by member vote - more than 2/3rds of a quorum of members must approve expenditure

Section 2: Approval

  1. Purchases required for the ongoing operation of HacDC (such as rent, insurance, licenses, and utilities) do not require authorization and shall be made at the Treasurer’s discretion.
  2. Purchases using earmarked funds donated for that purpose do not require approval as long as sufficient money has been contributed.
  3. Amounts under $50 can be approved in advance by a unanimous vote of 2/3rds or more of the Board of Directors.
    • Expenditures that fail the BoD vote can still be approved by a membership vote
  4. Amounts over $50 require a membership vote. More than 2/3 of a quorum of members must approve expenditure.

Project Awesome

This process allows for the disbursement of funds to various projects. The details are described in Project Awesome Rules. Project listing is located here.

Article IV: Meetings

Section 1 was approved in March 2009. [3]

Section 4-6 have no votes recorded.

Section 1: Robert’s Rules

Meetings follow Robert’s rules of order, but not obsessively

Section 2: Schedule

This reflects the bylaws.

Monthly Members’ Meeting is held on the second Tuesday of each month.

  1. Meeting is held on the Third Tuesday if Second Tuesday is a Federal holiday according to US Office of Personnel Management
  2. In case of circumstances beyond our control that make it difficult to attend the meeting, meeting may be cancelled by the President and rescheduled for the next week

Section 3: Virtual Attendance

See Article I, Section 3.

Meetings may be attended via video or audio conference if available.

Section 4: Meeting Agenda

  1. Directors’ reports, then member reports
  2. Vote on expenditures and policy changes (Old & New Business)
  3. Introduce and vote on new members

Section 5: Meeting Minutes

Minutes shall be taken using the Regular Member Meeting Template.

Section 6: Annual / Special Meetings

Important matters such as major purchases, signing new leases, and adopting Standing Rules should be done at the Annual Meeting, or at a Special Meeting called for the purpose

Annual Meeting Agenda

  1. If the Annual Meeting falls on the same day as a Members Meeting, then the Members Meeting Agenda will precede the Annual Meeting Agenda.
  2. Review and vote on the Standing Rules and Policies of the corporation.
  3. Receive reports on the activities of the corporation.
  4. Approve the budget.
  5. Determine the direction of the corporation in the coming year.
  6. Election of Board Members

Special Meetings

  1. The petition for a Special Meeting may be conducted by Email.

Article V: Materiel

The Office of the Secretary finds no mention of a vote on these policies, but there is reference to it on a meeting agenda from May 2009. [4]

Passed in July of 2016. [5]

Section 1: Storage

Members and guests can temporarily store their personal items at HacDC

  1. Items should be kept together in a box or bag labelled with owner’s name
  2. Members have first priority for storing items in a locker labelled with their name

Section 2: Long-term Loan

Equipment can be left at HacDC under long-term loan from the owner

  1. Items should be clearly marked as being on loan and from whom
  2. Owner should note what they loan to HacDC on a Wiki page
  3. HacDC will try to keep the loaned equipment in good condition but cannot be held responsible for damage or theft, unless other arrangements are written and agreed to by the HacDC Board of directors.

Section 3: Property Rights

Supplies and equipment left at or given to HacDC becomes HacDC property

  1. We will make an effort to honor the requests of the donors as far as the use and disposition of the items
  2. However items that are not at least potentially useful for HacDC interests and projects shall not be kept indefinitely. Items deemed not useful to HacDC members and projects may be:
    • Sold (if item has non-trivial value)
    • Given away to members or the general public
    • Discarded
  3. Once items are deemed unwanted and not saleable, members will be given adequate time to review the items before they are disposed of:
    • Members get first dibs on the unwanted items
    • Then items go on the public tables for anyone to take
    • Remaining items can be recycled if possible or disposed of

See [6] for further details.

Article VI: Shop equipment and tools

These rules were approved in June 2013. [7]

  1. Must have signed liability release for everyone that uses tools and shop equipment (including soldering irons and wiring tools)
    • Even guests must read and sign release form, which will be available in the shop area
  2. People can only use tools and equipment that they are familiar with and can operate safely and correctly
    • Training classes may be required before operating complex equipment like the CNC mill and lathe
  3. People should use proper safety equipment like safety glasses
  4. Must clean up work area after use
  5. Must abide by shop rules as approved of at a duly called member meeting and posted in or near the shop and tools.

Article VII: Anti-harassment Policy

Our Anti-Harassment Policy was approved at 2013 Annual Meeting. [8]

See Anti-Harassment Policy

Article VIII: Diversity Statement

Our Diversity Statement was approved at 2013 Annual Meeting. [9]

See Diversity Statement