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* Edwards E2M-12 roughing pump user instruction manual: http://www.idealvac.com/files/ManualsII/Edwards_E2M2_to_E2M12_Users_Instruction_Manual.pdf
* Edwards E2M-12 roughing pump user instruction manual: http://www.idealvac.com/files/ManualsII/Edwards_E2M2_to_E2M12_Users_Instruction_Manual.pdf
* SEMinal - a monitor for the vacuum pump - https://codeberg.org/ubuntourist/seminal

Latest revision as of 18:00, 11 November 2019

HacDC is in the process of refurbishing a scanning electron microscope: a Cambridge Stereoscan 200.

SEM in workshop

Current Status

June 23rd: Summary. Roughing pump works, seals adequate to fire turbo. Probably just needs cleaning and testing, similar in scope to commissioning a new 3D printer. -mirage335

March 31st: Cleaned the plinth and took photographs of the vacuum components. Available here. -Dan K.

  • Oil diffusionTurbo molecular pump was hanging due to the lip falling out of the rubber suspension. Could be cleaned and probably popped back in.
  • Broken switch on roughing pump was bypassed internally. Plugging in the outlet should activate the pump. (This pump normally runs 24/7 when the machine is operational.)
  • Compressed air needed to get more dust out

March 30th: Moving complete! The SEM is now in the workshop

March 29th: Awaiting pick-up and installation (March 29th and 30th).

March 23rd: A space in the workshop has been cleared. Photo: http://i.imgur.com/BDNWL5z.jpg

Maintenance Information

Maintenance and repair logs will be kept on an ongoing basis. For previous status and repairs, see:

  1. http://757labs.org/2012/09/scanning-electron-microscope-update/ (archival link -- text only)
  1. http://757labs.org/wiki/Projects/SEM (archival link -- text only)




  • The original S200 operating instructions will be available at the space in a three-ring binder near the machine.
  • If possible, members will also have access to a PDF copy of Scanning Electron Microscopy - A Student's Handbook, 1980, self-published by Michael Postek, et al. This book was widely used by microscopists and is still regarded as a good learning reference, but the original binding is rare and prone to falling apart. It might be possible to use the PDF copy for private, educational use.


We'll have a list here of HacDC members who are responsible for the SEM, including people that should be notified about problems.

  • Dan K. (plasma on IRC): SEM information, documentation, repair information, problems

Supplies wishlist

  • Apiezon M vacuum grease for "O" rings, to be used for vacuum seals at room temperature: http://www.2spi.com/catalog/vac/apiezon/apiezon-m.php ($70 for 25g). Edit: page 058 of the manual states "The use of O ring grease is not recommended on any O rings, but a small amount may be used, if necessary, on moving seals e.g. the specimen stage and apereture changer micrometers."
    • 31Mar2014 - there's a syringe of Ap. T grease in the space (~2g). It's on top of the SEM's chamber atm.

More Photos