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Replacement Devices


Scanning, e-beam lens correction, and image acquisition functions may need to be taken over by software and/or rapidly prototyped analog hardware. Complex synchronous waveforms may need to be synthesized at high-speed in response to other high-speed events. Internal voltages may range from 1uV-30kV.

  • ~100kHz Analog I/O Bandwidth
  • 209.5dB Dynamic Range
  • At least 18 I/O channels.
  • Synchronized timing.
  • Limited duration waveform detection and synthesis. Digital sample-and-hold mechanisms may be feasible instead of realtime ultra-low-latency processing.


Modern audio input devices ( can achieve approximately 120dB dynamic range at 192kHz sampling rates. The remaining dynamic range can be achieved through an amplifier with a programmable gain resistor, as the remaining 89.5dB (1V-30kV) is probably not needed continuously.

Simultaneous in phase data capture may be difficult. At minimum, all analog I/O devices will need to share the same clock, to begin conversion cycles simultaneously.


The 24bit NI DAQ systems have disappointing low sample rates.