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Not available, but may be needed.


Already at the space.

  • Apiezon M vacuum grease for "O" rings, to be used for vacuum seals at room temperature: ($70 for 25g). Edit: page 058 of the manual states "The use of O ring grease is not recommended on any O rings, but a small amount may be used, if necessary, on moving seals e.g. the specimen stage and apereture changer micrometers."
    • 31Mar2014 - there's a syringe of Ap. T grease in the space (~2g). It's on top of the SEM's chamber atm.


Frequently burned up in normal operation.

  • E-Beam Emission Filament. Hopefully we can keep that item out of the 'RoutinelyConsumed' category by warming it up gently.