Stereoscan Operators Log

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While repairing, maintaining, or using the Stereoscan S200 SEM, please add notes here. Newest at top.

  • From Tim: the red vacuum gauge sticking out of the back of the chamber is a cold cathode vacuum gauge. They're pretty reliable, but it could fail to read vacuum, indicating it needs to be cleaned. Plasma (talk) 13:07, 2 April 2014 (PDT)
  • The following steps need to be performed on the Edwards roughing pump:
    • Replace the oil
    • Inspect and clean the inlet-filter
    • Clean or replace the gas-ballast filters
    • Clean the motor fan-cover
    • Test the motor condition

Refer to pg. 38 of the user instruction manual

Plasma (talk) 23:02, 1 April 2014 (PDT)

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  • March 31st: Cleaned the plinth and took photographs of the vacuum components. Available here. -Dan K.
  • Oil diffusionTurbo molecular pump was hanging due to the lip falling out of the rubber suspension. Could be cleaned and probably popped back in.
  • Broken switch on roughing pump was bypassed internally. Plugging in the outlet should activate the pump. (This pump normally runs 24/7 when the machine is operational.)
  • Compressed air needed to get more dust out
  • March 30th: Moving complete! The SEM is now in the workshop
  • March 29th: Awaiting pick-up and installation (March 29th and 30th).