Great Global Hackerspace Challenge

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First Email - From Mark @ Agent Silverfox --Redbeard 01:45, 22 March 2011 (UTC)

Hi there,

I'm emailing you on behalf of Mitch Altman and the Great Global Hackerspace Challenge that you're participating in. My name is Mark and I work for Silverfox. We're based in San Francisco, California. We're running this competition for our client element14.

(If this email has been received at a general mailbox for your Hackerspace and you're not familiar with this program please reply and I can let you know who at your space you can direct this to.)

Our team includes Claire, Sally and Ryan and we'll be available through out this project to help with scheduling, finances, travel and publishing. We want to get a group phone or Skype call set up to introduce ourselves and answer any questions you may have. Since we would like to have you set up on the community by Friday March 25th we'd like to get a call planned as soon as possible to provide as much assistance as we can.

Would you be free tomorrow Tuesday March 22nd or Wednesday March 23rd for 30-60 minutes? Here is a link to a free scheduling service where you can let us know which times are good for you.

Click on as many of the suggested slots that you could attend and we'll pick a time that hopefully works for everyone.

If you're not available for voice calls we want to be flexible. Let us know how you'd like to communicate - Basecamp, email, IM. It's all good with us. We will also be communicating with you directly for private discussions.

We're looking forward to meeting you all!