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How to Update This Page

Please copy one of the blocks below into the Live section. For the curious, the 'onlyinclude' tag makes just that word show up on the home page in the live section.


HacDC is currently: <onlyinclude>Open!</onlyinclude>

Contact Phone Number: (so people know who to call to get in the space - feel free to spam-proof your number)


Signed: ~~~~


  1. Include your phone number so people know who to call to get in, particularly after hours.
  2. Include the four tildes for the signature, so there's a timestamp on your message. That way, if you forget to update this, people won't mistakenly come to the space.
  3. If you know what time you're going to leave, include that in the notes.


HacDC is currently: <onlyinclude>Closed.</onlyinclude>

Signed: ~~~~

Opening Soon

HacDC is currently: <onlyinclude>About to be opened!</onlyinclude>


Signed: ~~~~

(Use this status if you want to let people know you are en route to the space)