RepRap Build-a-Thon

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Are we committing to doing something like this annually? Quarterly?

Fair disclosure: I live in the Boston area and haven't done any work to advance the RepRap project, nor do I have any accountability in supporting this Build-a-Thon. I have no idea how much work was involved in organizing this, I'm just a guy with an opinion. That said...

I think that from a public relations standpoint, doing fairly frequent build-a-thons would be a big win. It would convey a message that this technology is going to stick around, not just be a short-term fad. It would expose more people to the ideas involved.

It would also help to deploy RepRaps in the way that Adrian Bowyer envisioned. Once you've made some for yourselves, you can start making them for local high schools, colleges, and universities. I think it makes sense to make RepRaps for public libraries as well.

Libraries are about using public resources on a loaner basis, which sorta fits the RepRap model. People wanting to make stuff would have to buy the raw plastic from the library or elsewhere, but could then use the library's computers to download designs or create new designs, and use the library's RepRap to fabricate the design.

-- Wware