Terminal block holder

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//Terminal Block Holder v2 - reduced height from 15 to 10 and raised screw hole 2mm by reducing end width (EW) from 12 to 8.
//James Sullivan
//OpenSCAD version 2015.03-1 
//HacDC, cheap Chinese laser, K40, 40 watt
//These parts hold a terminal block for landing of the wires going to the safety interlock switches.  It is designed to use self threading
    screws without nuts.  Handedness is based upon which end of the terminal strip the mount sets on when looking at the terminal strip.
    The right piece goes toward the back of the machine, and the left piece goes toward the front.  The first version was too tall to slide
    on the front of the chassis and too long to fit on the back, so both dimensions are reduced here in version 2.
thick=5;	//thickness of part
metal=1;	//metal thickness of the chassis sheet metal
slot=16;	//width of slot in mount, width of flange on machine, full width outside to outside!
height = 10;	//z distance of mount, extrusion height, installed length
tw=slot+2*thick;    //total width
bhd=4.0;    //bolt hole diameter
et=4.0;     //end thickness between bolt hole perimeter and square end
ew=8.0;     //end width: height of mounting boss
foo=6.7;    //width of cylinders
foo2=8.7;   //thickness of terminal strip in axial direction of mounting screws
rd=2.8;     //root diameter of mounting screws
module right(){ difference(){
		cube([tw,thick,height]); //top horizontal
		translate([thick+metal,-thick-metal,0]) cube([slot+thick-metal,thick,height]); //lower horizontal
		translate([0,-metal-thick*1.5,0]) cube([thick,metal+thick*2.5,height]); //left vertical
		translate([thick+metal,-1.5*thick-metal,0]) cube([thick,thick*1.5,height]); //center vertical
		translate([slot+thick,-metal-thick,0]) cube([thick,metal+thick*2,height]); //right vertical
        translate([thick*2,-ew-metal,0]) cube([slot-thick,ew,height+bhd+2*et]);
    translate([0,-ew/2-metal,height+et+bhd/2]) rotate([0,90,0]) cylinder(d=rd,h=tw);    

translate([0,-ew*2-metal*3,0]) mirror([0,1,0]) right();