Tool Certifications

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Some tools have greater potential to cause serious harm or damage than others so it's good to know that the people using them know what they are doing at least a little bit and for people who don't know to be able to find someone who does.

Assumptions about someone who is Certified (notes)

  • They know how to not hurt themselves or others while using a tool
  • They know how to not damage the tool while using the tool

Official Certification (Notes)

  • Identification of successful certification (how to see if someone is certified) must be publicly posted on this wiki and linked from this wiki page.

Unofficial Certification (Notes)

  • certifications for those with prior experience or proffessional certifications that aproximate or exceed those specified for HacDC tools use should not be required to fulfill any requirements that duplicate their prior experience.
  • where appropriate self certification should be available (for instance: reprap, drill press, soldering irons, etc).