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  • Shell server
  • Ssh public key access only
  • Per user local network webhosting and file shares via Hoard.


Any software can be requested and almost certianly will be installed.


For an acount on this server email with the subject:

 Shell Account

Provide a desired username and a second choice username. Include an ssh public key as an attachement. access to this server is by ssh key only.

Admin Notes

Host machine is Albert.

Xen Configs

    • CPU: 3
    • RAM: 128MB
    • Disk:
      • / - albert/tortoise-disk
      • swap - albert/tortoise-swap
      • /home - albert/tortoise-home
      • /home/users - /srv/share/users
      • /srv/share - hoard:/srv/share
      • /var - albert/tortoise-var
      • /tmp - albert/tortoise-tmp


  • "staff"/admin accounts in /home/admin
  • user accounts in /home/users
  • To add a new user:
  1. ~# adduser --disabled-password --ingroup users <username>
  2. ~# echo <user provided ssh key> > /home/users/<username>/.ssh/authorized_keys
  3. Notify <user> of account creation and include the ssh oneliner for loggin into the server.

OS Config

  • Process limit:
  • Memory limit:
  • mesg -n set in /etc/profile.d
  • Firewall rules and other network restrictions:
  • FS restrictions:
    • /var - nosuid,nodev
    • /home - nosuid,nodev
    • /tmp - nosuid