USA Science & Engineering Festival 2012

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HacDC has a 10x20 foot booth at the 2012 USA Science & Engineering Festival, in the National Robot Fest and DIY Expo area that has been organized by Gary Mauler.

General Info

Here is a map and schedule of the entire Festival.

Here is the floorplan of the Robotfest/DIY Expo area.

Here are slides from the conference call where they discussed logistics like move-in and move-out rules.

Who Will Be Going

List of people who will be going, when, and whether they can sit at the HacDC booth

  • Tim Slagle, at booth Saturday, going Sunday with my kids
  • David Kaufman, going Saturday and Sunday
  • Mark Adams

Projects On Display

If you'd like to show something at the 2012 USASEF, feel free to ad your project info to the list below. Do it soon so we can organize the transport setup and breakdown of the booth! For each project please list info like :

  1. Name of project
  2. Contact person
  3. Who will be at the booth and when
  4. Space needed
  5. Equipment required
  6. Supplies needed
  7. Completion status
  8. Project wiki page

Image Plotter

  • Contact: TimS
  • Booth people: TimS all day Saturday
  • Equipment: Windows PC or laptop, webcam, HP7550A plotter
  • Supplies: Paper with HacDC info, plotter pens/ink

Trippy Video Pong

Contact: BradB Equipment: Fast PC running Linux, webcam, video projector Status: under development




Contact: Mark Adams

Blinky Projects

Contact: David Kaufman

Head Scanning