USA Science & Engineering Festival 2016 Logistics

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This is the working schedule for USASEF 2016 logistics. Edit as needed. Items are the TazMega, TazStiff, LulzbotMini, HacDC banners and propaganda kit.

WEDNESDAY NIGHT Julia will take the MINI and PROPAGANDA BIN home somehow.

THURSDAY 6AM-7AM Mirage and Rob bring the MEGA and STIFF and TAZ to Capitol OFFSITE SECURITY, wherever that is, by 7am. Julia is optional but very helpful.

THURSDAY 8AM-10AM Julia shows up at Public Knowledge (1818 N St NW) with the MINI and PROPAGANDA. Nancy and Mirage show up.

THURSDAY 10AM-3PM Julia, Nancy, Tom and Mirage hang out at 3D DC. Tom leaves at 12PM. Nancy leaves at some point. Julia leaves for another appointment. Mirage continues enjoying the event. Julia returns, at some point before 3-4pm.

THURSDAY 3PM-5PM Julia and Mirage set up the HacDC booth for the evening reception.

THURSDAY 4PM-5PM Tom picks up the U-Haul van and brings it near the Capitol for later, leaving his car near the U-Haul location.

THURSDAY 5:30PM-8:30PM Tom, Enrique, Mirage, Julia are at the HacDC booth at the reception and Tom doesn't get drunk because...

THURSDAY 9PM-11PM Tom brings the van by the Capitol and Julia, Tom and Enrique load all the HacDC gear into it. Tom finds close, safe overnight location (TBD#1) parking for the van. Enrique gives Tom a ride back to his car, at the U-Haul place. (Plan B: Tom takes the van home instead of his car)

FRIDAY 6-9AM Tom returns to TBD#1, parks his car and takes the van to the Convention Center. Julia, Mirage and Rob meet Tom to offload the gear to the convention center (to booth #1949, Robotfest's).

FRIDAY 9AM-12PM Tom returns the van to the U-Haul location and needs a ride back to TBD#1 (unless his car is there, Plan B)

FRIDAY 10AM-6PM or whatever VIPs come by USASEF, Julia and Mirage are there and whoever else sticks around. Some things might need to be put away for the night.

SATURDAY 8AM-10AM Julia, Enrique, Mirage, Don, etc, reassemble the HacDC booth.

SATURDAY 10AM-6PM USASEF! Julia, Mirage, Tom, Don, Enrique, Bobby, Nancy, schedules not set.

SATURDAY 7PM-whenever We all head back to HacDC for pizza and beer (well BYOB), aka AFTERPARTY #1

SUNDAY 10AM-6PM USASEF! Julia, Mirage, Tom, Don, Enrique, Bobby, Nancy, schedules not set.

SUNDAY 6PM-7PM Julia, Enrique, Mirage, Rob, etc tear down and load the HacDC gear into Rob's car again.

SUNDAY 7PM-whenever We all head back to HacDC for AFTERPARTY #2, Bring-your-own-ibuprofen