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Name: Bryce A. Lynch Handle: The Doctor [412/724/301/703] Website: Antarctica Starts Here. PGP key: 0x807B17C1 / 7960 1CDC 85C9 0B63 8D9F DD89 3BD8 FF2B 807B 17C1


  • Anonymity preserving technologies
  • Bandwidth
  • Blogging
  • Books
  • Chiptunes
  • Cognitive liberty
  • Constructive irrationality
  • Cryptography
  • Dancing
  • Hacking
  • Morphological freedom
  • Music
  • Neurology
  • Privacy preserving technologies
  • Programming
  • RPGs
  • Solitude
  • Steampunk
  • Transhumanism
  • Writing


  • Dead batteries
  • Faulty wetware
  • Inferior organic components
  • Stupidity
  • Wasting time
  • Wasting energy
  • Surveillance



  • Shy. Slightly agoraphobic.
  • Finally joined HacDC after four years.
  • Thinks that the performance of an experiment is just as important as the results collected.
  • Creative Commons advocate.
  • Eclipse Phase political faction: Argonaut
  • Rumored to be the illegitimate lovechild of Luna Lovegood and Wintermute.


  • "Nothing says you can't."
  • "Aw, hell."
  • "Hey, ya'all, watch this!"
  • "What did you say your username was again?"
  • "We're now twenty minutes into the future. Unfortunately we got some Videodrome along with Max Headroom."
  • "I hate it when people use CamelCase in their code. It makes the statements read like Vanilla Ice lyrics."

First amateur radio contact: NA1SS (Thanks to N3FZX for the opportunity!)