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Name: David McInnis
Status: Full member 20101109
Email: cirrus thatatsymbol
Phone: 571.224.274zero
Location: Old Town, VA
DavidMcInnis chocolate sm.jpg


I'm a senior imaging scientist (or so said my job title) looking to find creative types (art, science, tech, or "wild cards") to fulfill the social void that seems so common these days. Basically, I'm looking for my 'tribe'.

Sparsely sampled journal

09 Nov 2010

Became full HacDC member. Started paying and received approval at member meeting, Regular Member Meeting 2010 11 09. Received key to space.

05 June 2010

My wife and I went to the last lightning talks (June 2010) and were pretty impressed. I have a project I'd like to work on (and would welcome help from someone interested in machining or programming) but am unsure of how to 'jump in' to HACDC. The project is not wholly new, but is uncommon enough to be interesting (to me anyway). It's to transform a flatbed scanner into a large format scanning back for an 8x10 camera. There's a secondary project of transforming a scanner into a portrait camera.

...hmmm, why am I writing this on my user page, this should be under proposed projects....

<s>Also, I recently started helping out an artist, RosemaryCovey, at the Torpedo Factory with the technical side of her creations. We're heading toward forming a group that blends art and science in an attempt to de-isolate these communities. We are still shaping the idea and looking for interested people (we just started at the end of May 2010).</s> Rosemary suffered a major loss, this idea had to be dropped.