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Hi, I'm Katie. By day—and sometimes by night—I help operate a spacecraft called New Horizons. My background is in computer science, and I've written some of the software running on New Horizons and on MESSENGER. Outside of work I enjoy sea kayaking, sewing and embroidery, using Linux, learning Japanese language and tea ceremony, reading, hobby electronics projects, nature... all kinds of stuff. I'm involved in DorkbotDC, and I coordinate a DC-area chapter of LinuxChix. Readers of this page may be particularly interested in my tech projects page. Since I live out in the Maryland suburbs, I probably won't be physically present at HacDC often. Feel free to e-mail me.

HacDC Projects

Wiki to-do

Web Site to-do

  • update the static content (or just point it to the wiki)
  • can Wordpress email us (admins and/or post author) the blog comments?

Mailing Lists to-do

  • check to see that each list (including project ones) has an admin to take care of pending requests