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Using HacDC tools and expertise to create tools and expertise.

HacDC wiki pages particularly relevant to me: Category:BiosignalAmplifier Ultra-low-noise HacDC Biosignal Amplifier equipment designed by me, assembled at HacDC with help from other HacDC members, and funded by other HacDC members. DIY_ECG Older attempt at a Biosignal Amplifier device by other HacDC members. Category:Photolithography_PCB_Fab Photolithography PCB fabrication process pioneered and tested by me, assisted by consultation and supplies from Dan Barlow. Category:AmateurRadios Designed and built HF vertical antenna presently on roof as of 2014, selected automatic tuner for full 1.8-30MHz operation, performed PSK reporter and WSPR testing. Category:TestCart Chief architect and maintainer as of 2014. Have directed acquisitions, salvaged parts, and constructed equipment to build up full RF/analog test capability. Basement_Shelves_Documentation Designed and CAD modeled. Helped assemble with Zach. Category:PrusaMendel 3D printer. Maintained mostly by me from 2012 through the beginning of 2014, built by Andy Ta. Category:CNC_Mill awesome tool for high-performance mechanical part and PCB construction


IT Admin

  • USB Webcams for OctoPrint/OctoPi.


Some high priority projects at HacDC. Requesting resources remain available until each can be served round-robin/FIFO.

  • Laser Cutter.
  • NetPLC occupancy sensor.
  • Automatic camera shroud.
  • Large format inkjet printer, dedicated workstation.
  • Kinect scanner.
  • Plotter documentation.
  • CNC Mill flood cooling.
  • OpticalTableRobot.
  • Electronics course.
  • Scanning Electron Microscope.
  • FullSpectrum Laser Cutter Repair.
  • High-throughput metal cutter. (Plasma torch, water jet, copper vapor laser, etc.)
  • CVD coatings.
  • Enhanced lithography processing workstation.
  • High Performance HF Radio