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==Favorite stuff==
==Favorite stuff==
* My bookmarks: [[]]
* My bookmarks: [[]]

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I'm Nate. I'm from Detroit. I'm working on shelving, storage, organization, and general physical infrastructure for HacDC. I will go home eventually.

I'm almost always in the space, so stop by anytime, or call three seven nine 3614, area code 248.

Experience and expertise

  • Telecomm
    • Central-office installation practices
    • Digital cross-connects
    • SONET
    • CDMA cellular infrastructure
  • General electronics
    • Kit-building
    • Laptop modding
  • Ham radio
    • Extra-class license holder, just because
    • Never made a contact under part-97 rules
    • Part-15 has plenty of fun toys, thanks


  • Bragging rights
  • Deadlines


  • Dietary fat
  • High expectations
  • Gravity

Favorite stuff

  • My bookmarks: [[1]]