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Current status

(As of 2015) Moved away to PA, reluctantly left HacDC.

Archived page circa 2012

Hey, I'm Nick (the "nmapsy" email on blabber).

Became a member in October 2011 but I've been at the space regularly since January (props to Ben's TECS class!).

Update: As of February I'm HacDC's Director-At-Large #2, in case you're trying to track down Board members.

I'm a biologist, and at the moment I'm learning bioinformatics at Johns Hopkins. There I've learned a fair amount of Perl and Java, and I'm pretty comfortable on Unix.

Also, I'm on Wikipedia a bit so I'm a pretty capable MediaWiki editor. Oh, and another place I've been involved is the Archive Team. They do awesome work saving user data from dead and dying sites. And they can always use Unix hackers to help!

My personal site: personal site


Convenient links for me: Subpages of my user page(usually drafts of pages I'm working on).