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== Projects ==
== Projects ==

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Hugging a Lego™ Wookie

Alias: nocko

Real Name: Shawn Nock

Email: nock at nocko dot se

IRC: nocko on #hacdc, ##biohack on freenode




  • HPC (High Performance Computing)
  • DIYBio / DIY Biomedical Engineering


  • Broadcast Engingeer at Arizona Public Media
    • Electronics tinkering
    • Basic RF Engineering
    • Broadcast Automation Programming
  • Systems Programmer, Sr. at the Univ. of AZ
    • SAN Storage Administrator
    • Mail System Admin
    • HPC Team
  • Currently at Center for Function and Molecular Imaging and a bunch of other neuroscience labs at Georgetown University Medical Center
    • Research support, Programming
    • Linux sysadmin for image analysis cluster and glusterfs storage cluster.


This is the cover of my next album (ha!) taken in my native Sonoran Desert.
There isn't much to do in the desert sometimes, so we make up sports. Here I am trying to jump over a sahuaro.