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== Andrew Q Righter ==
== Andrew Q Righter ==
=== Security Consultant Badass | Hacker | Speaker ===
=== Security Consultant Badass ===


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Andrew Q Righter

Security Consultant Badass



    o Website Development         Level: Advanced
    o Web Application Development Level: Intermediate
    o Graphic Design              Level: Advanced
    o Digital Media               Level: Intermediate
    o Programmer                  Level: Intermediate
    o Network Security            Level: Intermediate
    o Electronic Engineering      Level: Beginner
    o Machinist                   Level: Intermediate
    o Reverse Engineering         Level: Chicken Noob
    o Wireless Hacker             Level: Intermediate
    o Lockpicker                  Level: Intermediate
    o Electronic Security         Level: Intermediate

OS Choice:

    o Linux   (Slackware, Ubuntu)
    o Mac     (OSX)
    o Windows (XP Professional)

Current Interests:

    o Hardware
    o Tools
    o Machining
    o Building labs


    o Physical Access Control Thingy
    o MAME Cabinet Build
    o Robotic Arm Development (Codename: Butterfingers)


    o HOPE 2006 New York City, New York           - TOOOL US lockpicking training
    o Hack in the Box 2007 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - Spoke about the insecurities of RFID
    o HackCon 2008 Oslo, Norway                   - Spoke on electronic security and DIY ideas for hobbyists
    o Blackhat 2008 Las Vegas, Nevada             - Will be training students about electronic security exploits
    o Hack in the Box 2008 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - Will be training students about hacking the RF spectrum (802.11, RFID)