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My first choice, Sidfoqbix, was taken, so I'm Rob. Hi.

By day I'm a mild-mannered USAID contractor. By night I'm a mild-mannered father of two living in Silver Spring. I'm pretty mild-mannered generally. My work involves building devices and capacity to build devices in support of international development projects.

I have been a platonic amateur radio operator (WR2S) since 2006 -- I know where the PTT button is but I don't find much cause to interact with it.

I follow North Korea like some people follow Star Trek. The conventions aren't very good, though. (Did you know that when Kim Jong-Un was being groomed for the succession, there was a major propaganda campaign in the DPRK about CNC technology? The idea, never explicitly stated, was that Jong-Un's youth was actually an advantage, in that he had new ideas that were going to bring North Korea a technological edge. The result was some pretty extravagant material about CNC. To wit: video )

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