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About My Interests

I started flirting with Python in 2011 (I remember the joy in successfully executing my first Fibonacci function). I taught myself objected oriented programming through PyGame and started dabbling in VR (Oculus DK1 + Unity) and 3D Printing/Scanning in 2013-2014. I took four CISC-related courses at my university: Intro to Problem-Solving (C), Object-Oriented Programming (Java), Discrete Mathematics, and Information Security (PHP, Linux). I now develop software professionally (mostly web development).

Mechatronics is a new chapter in my life. It is already the most rewarding form of creation that I have ever experienced... 3D printing gave me an initial taste of this experience in 2014, but I didn't realize my own ability to give life to inanimate shapes; until now. I am ruthlessly dedicated to my passions, and seek professionalism in every opportunity. I welcome collaboration and am thankful for the sanctuary that HacDC provides for us like-minded individuals.

>>>May we all seek to unravel the world around us and learn from mankind's greatest achievements

Quick Links

Vim Cheeet Sheeet Intro to AVR Microcontrollers

Wiki To-Do

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Personal Projects

3D Printer - Started

   >>>Chosen printer model: Prusa Mendel i2
   >>>Currently salvaging parts from old printers around the space, keeping note of parts are missing/out-of-date and discarding unserviceable parts.
       Update: need to make hobbed-bolt.
   >>>Identifying printed parts that should be updated.
   >>>List of minimal-design printer parts:
   >>>Parts ordered: blue PLA filament, 1KG, 3mm; RAMPS Board

Boxing Timer - Not Started Parametric Speakers - Not started


English Language Plain-Text Encryption Project Wall-Mounted Blue-Tooth-Enabled Meters for visualizing live data fluctation

My Salvage

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