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What is WOPR

WOPR is the HacDC IRC bot and lives on #hacdc on freenode. WOPR is based on phenny, a simple modular IRC bot written in Python.

WOPR is maintained by User:Obscurite. Contributors include User:Tfine and User:Tc.

WOPR commands

  • .space
    • Displays length of time HacDC occupancy sensor has been on or off
    • author: Obscurite
  • .register <email>
    • Register for the blabber HacDC list
    • author: TFine
  • .metro
    • Display next few Columbia Heights metro departure times
    • author: TFine
  • .wiki <keywords>
    • Look up keywords on Wikipedia
  • .title <url>
    • Try to get and display the title of a web page

WOPR code

Track code changes at: The WOPR repository page

Check out a copy of wopr: