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* [[:Category:Heroes | Heroes and people who inspire us]]
* [[:Category:Heroes | Heroes and people who inspire us]]
==Policy Manual ==
==Policy Manual ==
* [[:Category:Command Policy | Command]]
=== Command===
* [[:Category:Control Policy | Control]]
* [[Articles_of_Incorporation|Articles of Incorporation]]
* [[:Category:Communications Policy | Communications]]
* [[Bylaws|Bylaws]]
* [[:Category:Collaboration Policy | Collaboration]]
* [[MIBS_Simplified_Rules_of_Coordinated_Consensus_through_Chaos|MIBS Simplified Rules of Coordinated Consensus through Chaos]]
* [[:Category:Khaos Policy | Khaos]]
* [[Privacy_Policy|Privacy Policy]]
* [[Resource_Use_Policy|Resource Use Policy]]
=== Control===
* [[Central_Services|Central Services]]
* [[Human Resources|Human Resources]]
* [[Inventory|Inventory]]
* [[Procurement|Procurement]]
* [[Resource_Disposal|Resource Disposal]]
=== [[:Category:Communications_Policy|Communications Policy]]===
=== [[:Category:Collaboration Policy | Collaboration]]===
* [[Licensing_Policy|Licensing Policy]]
=== [[:Category:Khaos Policy | Khaos Policy ]]===
* [[Khaos|Khaos]]

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Welcome to HacDC. We are a hacker space located in Washington, DC. HacDC members improve the world by creatively rethinking technology. We break, build, and occasionally abuse technology in the pursuit of greater knowledge about how it works and repurposing it to build new things. Our shop is located in the Columbia Heights neighborhood of DC.

If you're new here, you should start by looking at our public web site at Our Wiki is mostly for internal organization, but you're welcome to look through to get a sense of what we work on (and consider joining yourself!).

HacDC's Live Status

HacDC is

HacDC's Live Status

This information comes from the space's Presence Sensor.

This page is also available at

For full detail, visit the Live Status page.

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