Year in Review 2014

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Working document to capture HacDC's activities in 2014 for an annual report.

HacDC is ...


Welcome message from a board member. ~250-800 words.


Summary of the most significant member or project activities from the past year (100-500 words + optional picture).

  • Julia Longtin's presentation at 31C3
  • September Cryptoparty
  • HacDC at USASEF
  • Backyard Brains?
  • Byzantium?
  • Spanning Tree?
  • W3HAC Amateur Radio Club


Recurring Events:

  • Amateur Radio
  • Monthly Members Meeting
  • Microcontroller Mondays
  • Byzantium Sprint
  • {S/Th}oftware Thursdays
  • Linux Admin

Special events

  • Active Directory Workshop
  • Table Top Gaming
  • Amateur Radio Licensing Exam
  • Ground Drone Kickstarter Launch
  • DC Virtual Reality Metaverse Group
  • Make an Interactive Story!
  • Building a Blockchain-centric Digital Art Market with Ethereum
  • Meet Vitalik Buterin the founder of Ethereum Tonight!
  • Cryptoparty 2014
  • Intro to the Ground Drone Project: ROBOTIC STAIR CLIMBING PLATFORM
  • Making Games with Stencyl
  • Learn to Knit and Crochet with Spanning Tree
  • ARRL National Field Day
  • DC Light Brigade build workshop
  • Moving Day for SEM
  • KCDC: DIY Clap On Electronics

New Members

  • List of new members in 2014

Financial Support

Information on how to support HacDC...

2015 Board of Directors

President Celeste Lyn Paul (seele)
Vice President Haxwithaxe
Secretary Enrique Cobas
Treasurer Travis Brown
Directors at Large Phil Stewart and Don Jones

End Matter

The HacDC Year in Review (2014) report was prepared by:

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and is released under the GNU Free Document License 1.3.